Offical Website of the International Criminal Court Student Network

With University Chapters including Basel, Cambridge, Duke, and Central Michigan University, the ICCSN brings together a growing network of  students interested in international criminal justice and the ICC. Always looking to expand its membership, ICCSN has created the ICCSN Starter Pack, as a toolkit for those interested in starting their own ICCSN chapter at their university. 

The ICCSN Starter Pack includes the following sections:
1. Welcome
2. Mission
3. Structure
4. Meetings and Documentation
5. Campaigns 
  • Sample banner 
  • Sample mailing list
  • Sample email to members
  • Sample appeal letter & email
  • Sample event posters
6. Annual trip to The Hague

To download the ICCSN starter pack, click on the link below.

 ICCSN Starter Pack