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About The International Criminal Court Student Network

The International Criminal Court Student Network (ICCSN) is an international network that brings together students interested in the ICC and international criminal justice, and serves as a forum for discussion and information dissemination on issues of international criminal law and the Court itself. The ICCSN was founded with the firm conviction that students are the future, and that it is only when students and youth, and policy makers are united in their knowledge and support of the ICC, that the revolution in international criminal justice in the past two decades can sustain itself and continue to grow. There has never been a more opportune time for youth around the world to engage in a serious, informed discussion about the future of international justice. We believe strongly that students are the future - and it is our duty as students to be engaged, learn, debate, challenge, and support the movement towards international justice.

Currently, membership in the ICCSN is limited to students. To be recognized as a member of the ICCSN, you must create a recognized student organization at your school. This typically involves drafting a constitution, bylaws, creating an Executive Board, etc. After providing documentation to the Board of Directors of the ICCSN that you have organized a local chapter of the ICCSN at your school, the ICCSN will recognize your local chapter. Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome. Click
here to email the ICCSN Board of Directors.

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Registration now open for our 2013 Hague Conference on the eve of the Peace Palace Centenary (August 25-27, 2013).
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